Survival Training Getaways

An increasingly popular holiday option among many people is the idea of training in survival techniques. There are plenty of holiday packages which you can pay for which will take place in the wild, where you are accompanied by a trainer who will guide you on how to survive in the wild. From learning how […]

Looking for that beach holiday abroad?

Why not try an island just of Spain? Something a bit different to being on the mainland can be a nice change! Especially if you are there for the beaches! Menorca and Majorca are just a couple of the islands available to visit in the Mediterranean. With just one of its beaches  ‘Son Bou’ stretching […]

Disney World vs DisneyLand

Disneyland is the original theme park built by Disney, and is located on the west coast of USA, in Anaheim California. Disney World was released at a later date on the opposite side of USA, in Miami. Both of the two locations have their similarities, and their differences, but both of them make a great […]

Tourism in USA

USA is a great place for holiday, with a great environment for enjoying yourself, and amazing locations for you to relax in. It also has numerous heritage locations, so if you’re interested in getting more than fun and relaxation, there is certainly enough there to sink your teeth into. With multiple wars, like the Revolutionary […]