Balaia: A quaint Hideaway on the Coast of Portugal

Not everyone wants their vacation crowded by tourists. In fact, many people wish they knew of a little-known hideaway where they could enjoy a paradise trip without all of the crowds that usually come with the experience. Balaia is one such place.

Balaia is a wonderful place to visit. It’s a small village on the coast of Algarve, Portugal, known mostly for its small sporting community and its nice and quiet beaches. It has the feel of a time gone by. Terracotta roofs are still the style of construction in Algarve for instance. Balaia has a small number of hotels and villas for holiday traffic, and Balaia holiday villas are a great way to experience the village.

With a villa, your experience will be much more intimate, and intimacy is an important factor for many people when vacationing in such a quaint area. It adds another dimension to the experience. With a hotel one watches the local culture from afar without as much interaction. With a villa, one is staying in an actual home styled in the style of the local culture. In a very real way, the visitors becomes a temporary participant in that culture.

One thing Balaia is somewhat well known for is golf. Algarve is a known golf capital, and Balaia has begun catering to the golf crowd in recent years. Balaia has a golf academy for people looking to improve as well as a driving range and field for people actually looking to play. However, even with these golfing conveniences, Balaia is hardly a golfing village in and of itself, which makes it as much a hideaway for golfers as it is for anyone else: a place to keep up one’s skill while relaxing and avoiding the crowd.

If you’re used to the noise of a big city, the peace and quiet of Balaia may take some getting used to. If Balaia holiday villas suddenly seem to quiet for your tastes, then remember there are many more lively places within driving distance. One of Portugal’s major cities, Albufeira, is within an hour of Balaia. There’s a lot of history in Albufeira. It played a major role in the crusades, and a lot of that history is still visible in elements of its Gothic architecture. Some of the castles and cathedrals there are definitely worth taking an afternoon out to see.

There are two beaches in Balaia, Praia da Maria Luisa and Santa Eulalia. They are both great beaches, but with very different personalities. Praia da Maria Luisa has little has a cliff as a backdrop and plenty of rock pools. It’s a less well-known beach, and as such has a reputation as a beach for the locals more than for tourists. Santa Eulalia is more well-known because it has a strong sports community. It’s a good place to rent a boat for sailing or to do some wind surfing. If you get a chance, hang out at the bar in Praia da Maria Luisa. It’s sort of a famous spot among locals.