The Best Places in the World for Eco Tourism

Eco tourism isn’t just about seeing lots of animals and enjoy more natural places – it is also about visiting environmentally friendly places that take responsibility for wildlife and habitats. If you are craving some open spaces, nature and want to do some good at the same time, here are some top eco tourism destinations: […]

Staying in an Eco Lodge or Hotel

For people who are conscious of their actions and their consequences for the environment, it can be a good idea to stay in an eco-friendly place on holiday. Eco-lodges and hostels are springing up all over the world and they can provide an excellent option for people who want to enjoy some time away whilst […]

Running an eco-tourism business

Most tourism today to natural areas is not eco-tourism and therefore is not sustainable. Eco tourism is a way of allowing people to visit these areas of natural beauty without damaging them so that they are there for years to come. It should be about improving the area and conserving it for all. Many companies […]

Karibuni Eco-Cottages

Eco tourism is basically responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people and it is becoming more and more important to many people and organisations. With issues arising from tourism it is vital that we learn how to protect areas and the people living in them but […]