Picking your Perfect Golf Apartment

A golf apartment is one that is based in a golf village, with some of the more premium properties actually overlooking the golf course. This makes for wonderful views, and the village itself will usually have very good facilities and amenities. If you are in search of the perfect golf village apartment for your next […]

Golf Holidays with the Family

Golf holidays are not just for friends’ weekends away – they can be a wonderful activity for the whole family to enjoy together. If children and younger members of the family have not experienced a game of golf before, they can learn to enjoy it on beautiful world renowned golf courses (depending on where you […]

Algarve Holidays in the Low Season

Portugal is a popular year round destination but like with any tourist area, there are high seasons and low seasons. The high seasons tend to be when people will flock to the area, and the low seasons are where the weather might not be as good and as such, tourism tends to slow down. The […]

Can You Take Sports Equipment on a Plane?

It is usually possible to take sports equipment of some description on a plane. This is one of the options you will be given when booking, where the system will ask you to book additional luggage, carry on luggage and items such as golf clubs, to make sure you get the best prices at this […]

Taking an Organised Holiday

An organised holiday may take many forms. From coach trips in Europe, to group skiing trips, to cruises, there are lots of options and many people from the UK choose to take these kinds of holidays each year. If this is the case for you, then you might find yourself with some choices to make. […]