National Trust Membership

If you enjoy visiting places of interest, like walking and spending time exploring then becoming a National Trust member could be perfect for you. With individual member ships from £63 per year and joint from £105 per year, you can benefit from visiting a number of National Trust parks all over the UK as many […]

Struggling tourism trade in Egypt

Egypt used to be a hugely popular destination for tourists. This was often because of the wealth of historical places and breath taking land marks that could be seen there. During November and December 2015 tourist population was down by over 41% from the previous year thus making it the lowest number of tourists since […]

Tourist attractions in London

London is very popular amongst tourists from all over the world. People travel from many countries to come and see what London have to offer. The Royal family is a huge attraction for many tourists and although they will not often get to see any members of the royal family, seeing Buckingham palace etc is […]

What is ethical tourism?

Ethical tourism is tourism that has no negative affects on the environment or to other people’s wellbeing, in fact it actively promotes equality amongst people living in tourist areas and help to try to support local people so that they get the benefits from tourism. There is a lot of money in tourism but unfortunately […]