Eco Tourism in Kenya

Eco tourism is growing in popularity as people are becoming more aware of the effect tourism can have on poor areas with fragile communities. Tourism does generally bring money to an area but it can be a case of making the rich in that area richer and the poor suffer because of expanding businesses.

Eco Tourism in Kenya involves staying in the ‘eco cottages’ which are huts built by the local people in safe areas. These are at a fairly low cost to tourists but all money generated by renting them out is put straight back into improving the surrounding community.

The aid workers in this area are endeavouring to boost the profile of the women and young girls in this area by giving them access to education and good health care to empower them to realise their rights and their full potential.

This is a great way to really immerse yourself into the African culture and a chance to give a little back to help build and strengthen communities.