How to Stay Safe as a Tourist

Tourism is generally safe, as long as you are in a part of the world that doesn’t have a government warning. There are still places that are more inherently dangerous than others though, and you do need to keep your wits about you. Here are some top safety tips for tourists the world over:

  • Never take your safety for granted. This is when you can become over-confident and you might do some silly things, like going into inadvisable areas of a town.
  • Stay alert. Know what is going on around you, at all times.
  • Don’t go into quiet areas alone at night. Stick to busy areas where you will blend in as a tourist and won’t become an immediate target.
  • Choose destinations where you feel comfortable. If somewhere has a bad reputation for crime and you feel on edge, it will show. Criminals will notice your uneasiness and could think you are an easy victim.