How to Stay Safe in the Sun on Holiday

The sun can make your holiday perfect, letting you enjoy swimming, sunbathing and other sunny activities whilst you are away. However, it can also ruin your holiday if you get sunburnt. You need to stay safe in the sun, so here are some tips:

  • Wear a high factor sun cream. Lots of people use a higher factor early on in their holiday and work their way down to a lower factor. This can be dangerous and lead to sun damage to your skin.
  • Cover up when out in the sun. If you are just walking around, it can be easy to forget to apply the cream regularly. Cover up the skin on places like your shoulders and wear a sun hat.
  • Stay out of the sun at the hottest points of the day. Make the most of the sun, of course, but don’t sunbathe for hours at midday or you can end up with sunstroke and sunburn.