National Trust Membership

If you enjoy visiting places of interest, like walking and spending time exploring then becoming a National Trust member could be perfect for you. With individual member ships from £63 per year and joint from £105 per year, you can benefit from visiting a number of National Trust parks all over the UK as many time as you wish to.

When buying a National Trust membership you are not only saving yourself money on entry should you pay on the door, but also helping to contribute towards conserving the areas for years to come? Tourism can have a negative effect on an area but the National Trust work closely with local groups to ensure that the wildlife and habitat is looked after. Your membership money will go towards helping this scheme work.

The National Trust are responsible for 775 miles of coastline in the UK, and part of their job is to manage threats to these areas. They have plans for 80 coastal adaptation strategies in place at coastal hotspots across England, Wales and Northern Ireland by 2020.