Need a Golf Getaway? The Algarve, Portugal!

Has winter gotten a bit long where you are? Is that set of golf clubs sitting in the corner by your favourite chair, mocking you?

Has it been too long since you donned your golf shoes? Is it time to see a warmer temperature on that outdoor thermostat? Are the clouds getting you down? It may be time call your local travel agent and consider a golf break in the Algarve.

Located on the north edge and on the mouth of the Mediterranean and to the far south of Portugal’s coast, the Algarve region boasts some of the best golf courses the world over. Weather in this region is typically amazing, known for sunny days and cool breezes.

Many courses have views of the ocean. Some of the smaller towns such as Vilamoura, have transformed themselves into hotel and golf break destinations. This little town has major hotels right on the marina itself and elsewhere along the water.

Many hotels in The Algarve offer golf break packages ranging from as little as £39 per night to as much as £1500 or more. It is common for such golf packages to include one or more nights’ stay and one or more rounds of golf as part of the deal. Many touring companies put together packages as well, offering the golfer the best that hotels, courses, and local cuisine have to offer.

The cuisine of The Algarve is so expansive as to fill 1500 word articles around the online world and in travel magazines. It is quite safe to say that no matter where you choose to stay on your golf break in the Algarve, that there will be local cafes, restaurants, bars and night life within a short distance of your hotel.

In general, the cuisine is very ocean-based, although you will find other meats and sausages available. Accompanying breads, fruits, vegetables and desserts are well-renown not merely among travel agents, but the locals as well. One rule of thumb when wondering where the best place is to eat, is simply to ask a local where they would eat next. Some of the most unassuming establishments offer the best dishes and service.

After a great day of golfing and seeing the local sights, relaxing by a poolside, walking along an ocean beach, or taking a charter out on the water for an evening are soothing ways to wind down as the evening breezes clear your mind ahead of another great day tomorrow.

Check with your local travel agent about holiday packages offering you that dream golf break in the Algarve. Get away from the damp and cold, dust off your clubs, get out your golf shirt and shoes and head to the warm breezes and ocean waves of the Algarve.

You’ll come back refreshed and ready to make that final push through winter and on into spring when our own links move into high gear. Southern Portugal awaits you! Golf along the northern Mediterranean coast awaits you! Go explore the varying scenery from one golf course to another. You won’t regret it.