The Best Places in the World for Eco Tourism

Ecotourism isn’t just about seeing lots of animals and enjoy more natural places – it is also about visiting environmentally friendly places that take responsibility for wildlife and habitats. If you are craving some open spaces, nature and want to do some good at the same time, here are some top eco-tourism destinations:

  1. Costa Rica. The main selling point of this small country is its natural diversity. Not everywhere is eco-friendly, but many places include accommodation that is self-sufficient that doesn’t have a negative impact on natural resources.
  2. Thailand. Places like Bangkok still have a long way to go, but further north in the country and in various places in jungles and national parks are really taking the lead when it comes to eco-tourism. Think of sleeping in wooden cabins in the Thai jungle.
  3. The UK! You don’t have to travel far to find environmentally friendly travel options. Go camping in Wales or hike in the Highlands.