Travelling with a Toddler

Let’s be very honest for a moment, travelling any distance with a toddler is full of perils for most parents. They seem to need more luggage than the Kardashian’s and are just as likely to make outrageous and unexpected demands along the way, add to this the toilet and snack breaks and suddenly that journey can seem to turn into more hassle than it’s worth. But fear not, intrepid traveller, for with a few simple precautions you and your little explorer can make this trip not only bearable but downright enjoyable! How? (I hear you cry). Well, put simply, organisation and imagination!

Pack well beforehand, be sure to include loads of activity type books and crayons or coloured pencils, learn some easy travel games, invent your own games, point out some interesting scenery and make up stories about the things you see. On those inevitable loo breaks let your little munchkin run riot for a couple of minutes to burn off some energy, talk about your upcoming holiday and all the exciting things you might do and see so that getting back into the car or boarding the train/plane seems like less of a chore. Good luck brave explorer… you can do this!