Respecting the Natural World on Holiday

When you are on holiday, especially if you are staying in remote, natural places, it’s essential you really respect the world around you. It’s respectful when you are in another country anyway, and it is also important for the health and survival of the wildlife and wildernesses you see before you. These are some of the things you should always do:

  • Stay away from wildlife. Don’t get too close, have respect and keep your distance. Animals could be dangerous, and you shouldn’t be disturbing the creatures you want to see anyway.
  • Take rubbish with you. Never leave rubbish behind in a national park.
  • Go with a guide. When trekking, take a guide so you know where you can go without causing disruption to ecosystems.
  • Research animal tourism first. Make sure you are going to legitimate sanctuaries, and they don’t offer animal interactions – these are rarely as good as they seem.